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First Workshop Presentations

Presentations from First Project Workshop

3–5 June, 2013

CCRS, Singapore

This page contains links to presentations from the first project workshop, held at the Centre for Climate Research Singapore (CCRS) on 3–5 June 2013. If you find any of the links are broken, please contact Nicholas Klingman .

The agenda for the meeting can be found here.

Session 1: Introductions

Monday 3 June, 09:00–10:10

Meeting Logistics - Prince Xavier
Introduction to CCRS and meteorology of Singapore - Chris Gordon
Introduction to intercomparison project - Steve Woolnough
Introduction to GASS - Jon Petch
Introduction to YoTC - Mitch Moncrieff
Introduction to DYNAMO - Chidong Zhang
Introduction to MJO Task Force - Eric Maloney

Session 2: 20-year climate simulations

Monday 3 June, 10:30–12:30

Update on analysis of 20-year climate simulations - Xianan Jiang

Session 3: External presentations

Monday 3 June, 13:30–15:10

Air-sea coupling in the CNRM model - Gilles Bellon
Near-surface ocean-atmosphere interaction underlies the MJO - Wan-Ling Tseng
How does ocean coupling improve simulations of the intraseasonal oscillation? - Charlotte DeMott
Propagating and non-propagating MJO events in the NASS/GISS GCM - Daehyun Kim
Organization of tropical convection and equilibrium climate sensitivity - Marat Khairoutdinov

Session 4: 2-day hindcasts

Monday 3 June, 15:30–17:30

Update on analysis of 2-day hindcasts - Prince Xavier

Session 5: 20-day hindcasts

Tuesday 4 June, 09:00–11:00

Update on analysis of 20-day hindcasts - Nicholas Klingaman

Session 6: External presentations

Tuesday 4 June, 11:30–12:30

Process-oriented diagnostics of CAM5 hindcasts during DYNAMO - Eric Maloney
Vertical moisture budget of the MJO in ACCESS - Hongyan Zhu
Madden-Julian oscillation over Malay Peninsula - Koh Tieh Yong

Session 7: Cross-cutting discussion

Tuesday 4 June, 13:30–15:30

Jon Petch’s ideas for discussion

Session 8: DYNAMO results and discussion

Tuesday 4 June, 16:00–17:30

Summary of DYNAMO results to date - Chidong Zhang
‘Strawman’ setup for DYNAMO hindcast case with cloud-system resolving models - Chris Holloway

Session 9: Cloud-resolving and process models

Wednesday 5 June, 09:00–10:00

DYNAMO and cloud-permitting model evaluation - Samson Hagos
How deterministic is tropical convection? - Karsten Peters
Diurnal cycle of moistening by convection during DYNAMO - James Ruppert

Session 10: General discussion

Wednesday 5 June, 10:30–13:00

No presentations